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Fun in the Sun - Quest Guide FarmVille 2 Cheat Codes

Fun in the Sun - Quest Guide

  • Jul 21, 2015 - Aug 11, 2015

A see saw for a baby mini donkey to learn how to balance.
Make a home for an adorable baby mini donkey on your farm!

Barbara and Walter are having a bit of trouble with a mini donkey, Moby. They thought he'd get them more visitors to the B&B, but beyond jumping, he's really hard to train! If you could help them, that'd be great. If Moby likes it better on your farm, you can keep him! Make him comfortable and he might not want to leave! Remember, this baby Mini Donkey is stubborn and very restless!

Once you finish the construction of the Mini Donkey See Saw, a quest named Fun in the Sun will also get released in your farm. We've a detailed quest guide of the same, for you:

Fun in the Sun - Quest Guide

1/8 : Donkey-ing Around
It's really nice to see the kids excited about new animals, isn't it?

  1. Have 1 Mini Donkey See Saw, to get Moby ready.
    If you don't have one, check your inventory.
  2. Feed 4 Adult Goats.
    Use Super Feed to feed animals more quickly.
  3. Water 15 Galia Cantaloupes.
    This crop is available for a limited time.

2/8 : Keep Your Ice Open
The cooler the kids stay, the easier it is to manage them all.

  1. Collect 5 Igloo Ice Moulds, to make fun shapes!
    Ask your friends to send one.
  2. Feed 4 Adult Pigs.
    Use Super Feed to feed animals more quickly.
  3. Make 3 Apple Juices, to serve the kids.
    Craft this in your Crafting Kitchen.

3/8 : Mule is the Word
It wouldn't be nice to leave some kids out of the activities we're planning.

  1. Use 3 Farm Hands.
    Click on the hay bales near the road to invite Farm Hands.
  2. Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbor farms.
    Click a friend in the Neighbor Bar to visit their Farm.
  3. This is a Conditional Task
    Conditional Tasks may change according to users

4/8 : The Birds and the Seeds
A lot of birds are visiting your farm, thirsty and hungry from the summer heat.

  1. Collect 5 Popsicle stick Birdhouses.
    Ask your friends to send one.
  2. Harvest 20 Sunflowers.
    Buy this crop in the General Store.
  3. Make 4 Corn Meals, to feed birds.
    Craft this in your Crafting Kitchen.

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