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Horse Breeding FarmVille 2 Cheat Codes

Create unique horse breeds!
Create unique breeds of horses with amazing looks and outputs! Earn additional fair points!

FarmVille 2 is about to launch a new feature, Breeding in your farm. The very first animal to have breeding are the horses in your farm. Are you ready to see how amazing horse breeding is? Horse Breeding gives you additional fair points and unique looking horses! It also gives you tons more outputs!

Horse Breeding

Breeding in FarmVille 2 is same as we know in the real world! Create brand new, unique breeds of horses that look amazing and give tons of outputs! The Breeding Barn is where all animal breeding will take place. Once you have the Breeding Barn in your farm, you will be able to breed horses & create new varieties of horses. You must have at least 2 horses to start breeding! You can go to the Market and get them, in case you need more horses. It costs Favors to start breeding, even though Marie will make the first breeding free of favors. Enjoy all of your new horses! Try breeding all types to see the enormous possibilities!

Name your Horse!
Once the breeding is finished, grow the baby up to see its unique look and final outputs & you will be able to name your new horse with a name as you wish.


All breedable animals have Pedigree! Let's take a look at exactly what that means. Better Pedigree means more unique looks, better outputs, and more fair points! Feed the parents to improve the baby's Pedigree and get the baby faster! A Pedigree predictor is there in the animal barn which will indicate the Pedigree level of your new breed.

When you feed the parents, the range on the Pedigree Predictor will move up! Feed more to ensure the best possible Pedigree! Breed animals of the same pedigree for better results. When you feed the parents to the max, the baby will then have the best possible Pedigree and you can get it immediately! Select two horses in the breeding barn to view baby's Pedigree range in the predictor. Parents pass on their unique traits to the new breeds.

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