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Mini Donkey See Saw FarmVille 2 Cheat Codes

Mini Donkey See Saw

  • Construction
  • Jul 21, 2015 - Aug 11, 2015

A see saw for a baby mini donkey to learn how to balance.
Make a home for an adorable baby mini donkey on your farm!

Barbara and Walter are having a bit of trouble with a mini donkey, Moby. They thought he'd get them more visitors to the B&B, but beyond jumping, he's really hard to train! If you could help them, that'd be great. If Moby likes it better on your farm, you can keep him! Make him comfortable and he might not want to leave! Remember, this baby Mini Donkey is stubborn and very restless!

Construction: You need 10 See Saw Planks, 10 See Saw Bases & 10 Cushion Tyres to finish the construction of your Mini Donkey See Saw. Don't be shy about asking your friends for help to collect these parts! You may also collect these items with the help of your farm-family members. After collecting all the items, you will need 4 of your friends as construction crew members (Tom Bray-dy, Don Quixote, Ass-istant manager & Don Kikong).

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