Pig Racing Guide FarmVille 2 Cheat Codes

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Pig Racing Guide

Pig Racing Guide

Collectable Item

How to use the Cheat?

  1. Open FarmVille 2 in Mozilla Firefox
  2. Open Cheat Engine. (Click here to Download Cheat Engine)
  3. Open Process and select plugin-container.exe
  4. Choose for new scan and Change Value type to String
  5. Scan the code e_deco_winebottles_stacked (Wine Bottle Spread)
  6. Replace the above code with e_viral_q_hud_racing_pig_1
  7. Buy Wine Bottle Spread from your General store and Place it in your Farm.
  8. Move these Wine Bottle Spreads to Inventory
  9. Refresh the browser after some time.


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