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State Fair - Guide FarmVille 2 Cheat Codes

State Fair - Guide


Howdy, Farmers!

Looking for a new challenge after having the Legendary status from the County Fair? Get your Crops, Fertilizers and Prize Shovels ready because the State Fair is here! Start competing with your Friends and Neighbors to earn a place at the top of the League. Harvest Prized Goods from Crops, Trees and Animals to win Trophies and other great rewards in weekly events. Don't fret if you haven't reached Legendary status yet. There are cool updates to the County Fair too!

If you are currently at level 20 or higher and a County Fair Legend you will see the following messages: Click on the green "Check it out!" button to get started:

Walter will pay you a special visit in a shiny new truck with a wagon hitched at the back of it.

Click the green “Whoohoo” button and gather Prized Goods from Crops, Trees and Animals.

So let's get started!


Once you reached the Legendary status in the County Fair, the competition for the State Fair begins.

The Top 3 Farmers each week will win Prized Boxes and Trophies!

A trophy attracts more visitors to your farm. Earning a trophy moves you up into a better league. Better leagues means better prizes, so start racking up those trophies.

Keep an eye on the clock to see how many days are left.

Get ready for the competition time!

League and Trophies:

Compete with your Friends, Neighbors, and other Farmer in weekly League events. There are a total of 10 Leagues to compete per week. Gather Prized Goods like Crops, Fruits and Animals to earn points. The number of points you earn determines your Rank in your current League. Based on your success, you will join a new League every week for four weeks; and then, at the end of the month, you go to the State Fair to win Exclusive Prizes!

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