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6 years and 3 billion downloads later, Angry Birds 2 is here!

Back in December 2009, when Rovio was just a small games studio, they released their 52nd game featuring colorful birds, green pigs, a slingshot and a super catchy theme tune. Fast forward to 2015 and that game, Angry Birds, has taken the world by storm.

With 3 billion game downloads, millions of fans across the globe, multiple mashups and spin-offs, collaborations with A-list celebrities and much more, they can really be proud that Angry Birds is the mother of all mobile game apps. And now Rovio announced the mother of all sequels – Angry Birds 2!

Rovio doesn't specify which app stores Angry Birds 2 is coming to, but it's safe to expect a fairly comprehensive, simultaneous launch across iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows app stores. While Angry Birds remains a ubiquitous name in mainstream mobile-gaming conversations, it now operates in a crowded marketplace filled with fresh experiences such as Monument Valley, Device 6, Minecraft, Crossy Road, Goat Simulator, Five Nights at Freddy's and thousands more. Surely Rovio wants excitement for Angry Birds to remain high ahead of its theatrical debut in April, so expect more announcements from the company after the launch of this month's full-fledged sequel.